// Careers in Sales

Where you begin your career can have a profound impact on your future success. That’s why it makes sense to explore opportunities that offer the training, support and resources that will provide you with a solid foundation for achievement and growth. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at DENSO. With operations in 15 countries there are always opportunities! Through our approach to developing our people we can enable our Associates to grow and progress within DENSO in Europe or around the DENSO world.

Represent our breakthrough products and equipment - and win.

In DENSO, the Sales teams act as the primary link to our customers, which are all the major automotive companies in the world. Our sales specialists work with their customers through all stages of the sales process: presenting our new product ideas, building close relationships with all stakeholders at the customer, working to understand customers' detailed needs and dreams, negotiating with them, and then ensuring that we meet their needs.

As a sales specialist you will work closely with DENSO's development engineers and quality engineers to ensure that our products are developed tailored to the specific needs of the customer, you will work with our manufacturing plants and logistics teams to ensure the components and systems are manufactured to a high standard and delivered on time. So, teamwork is vital, you will work to create synergy with many colleagues to develop solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

The Sales teams are responsible for a wide range of automotive systems and components - car air conditioning and engine cooling systems, engine management systems, navigation and infotainment systems, active safety systems, and electrical and electronic components, including for hybrid and electric vehicles. And in terms of Aftermarket sales, the range is even wider - it extends to include spark plugs, wiper blades, robotics and home energy systems.

As a result, we're especially interested to recruit people who have an engineering background, who are interested to work in commercial or project management roles. Depending on the customer, you may focus on a particular stage of the sales process, or be involved in all stages. You may be dedicated to specific components or systems. Working in sales also means taking care of logistics for your customer with the support of specialised teams.

As you progress in sales you will be expected to manage substantial customer projects. Our Account Managers deal with the global and strategic management of a customer, many of whom are global themselves, and this enables our Account Managers to extend their scope of responsibility to include other countries, supporting customer and DENSO activities worldwide.

It's not a quick process. It takes time to build the kind of long-term relationships with our customers that DENSO aims for, but it's worth it when you see that almost all the cars driving by on the road have DENSO components inside, and you made that happen.