// Careers in Manufacturing

Where you begin your career can have a profound impact on your future success. That’s why it makes sense to explore opportunities that offer the training, support and resources that will provide you with a solid foundation for achievement and growth. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at DENSO. With operations in 15 countries there are always opportunities! Through our approach to developing our people we can enable our Associates to grow and progress within DENSO in Europe or around the DENSO world.

Join us in making the best products in the world.

"Monozukuri wa hitozukuri - the art of making good things is through making good people" - is a fundamental value that runs deep in our DENSO philosophy. DENSO is a world class manufacturing organisation with extensive facilities in multiple locations across Europe. DENSO's journey in Europe started in 1973 and since then we have integrated state-of-the-art Japanese manufacturing technologies and principles with the best of European manufacturing.

Our business structure is built around product groups that provide the basis on which our manufacturing capabilities have been built.
For powertrain components we have our largest plant outside of Japan operating in Hungary.

For our thermal systems components, such as automotive air conditioning systems, engine cooling modules, intercoolers and heat exchangers, we have more than 6,000 people employed in plants in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

For electrical components such as starters and alternators our plant near San Salvo, Italy is our centre of excellence.
For electronic components, these are located in our manufacturing facility near Barcelona, Spain.

Wherever you choose to work you will experience a common way of working - we call it the DENSO Way of Working. Our company values, the DENSO Spirit, include principles of kaizen meaning continuous improvement, collaboration and team working, as well as more fundamental behaviours such as the need for genchi-gembutsu - on-site verification - as a basis for effective problem solving.

In each of our locations, manufacturing and the associated functions provides a wonderful environment to develop a demanding and stimulating career. As a place to learn and excel in Engineering disciplines, multiple career paths exist including Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering and Production Engineering. For those with a quality mind-set a variety of roles exist, from laboratory technicians, in- process inspectors, test engineers, quality engineers (working day to day with our customers) and supplier quality engineers (working day to day within our supply chain).

Our European regional top management drives a program of shop- floor based collaborative reviews that we call “Production Kaizen”. This creates multiple collaborative kaizen activities, in particular around quality, safety and productivity. Excellence in manufacturing can be found all around our European operations. Excellence that is recognised by our customers around the world and that is validated by our multiple quality standard accreditations.