// Careers in Corporate Functions

Where you begin your career can have a profound impact on your future success. That’s why it makes sense to explore opportunities that offer the training, support and resources that will provide you with a solid foundation for achievement and growth. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at DENSO. With operations in 15 countries there are always opportunities! Through our approach to developing our people we can enable our Associates to grow and progress within DENSO in Europe or around the DENSO world. 

Leverage your talents to support our strength.

Corporate Functions is a DENSO term for the support functions that exist in any business. In DENSO these teams are absolutely essential for the effective operation of our manufacturing facilities, our sales and engineering centres, and our regional organisation as a whole.
Wherever you choose to look, and wherever you seek to work, exciting, stimulating, and demanding roles await you. Here are just a few examples of the types of careers in specialist areas that make up our "Corporate Functions”.

This includes all aspects of modern finance such as accounting, credit control, tax and treasury management. In addition you will be expected to work with management colleagues in a robust governance environment to ensure that only the most professional practices exist and that risks are identified, understood and managed. Finance also includes business planning and profit planning where our specialists determine business operating plans, establish and implement tactics to improve contribution margins, and ensure costs are effectively managed throughout the life-cycle of a product.

Human Resources
A variety of roles and challenges exist for HR professionals whether from a generalist or a specialist background. In DENSO we utilise the whole range of skills from payroll, benefit design, training and development, employee relations, legal compliance, communications and employee engagement etc. At an operating unit level the challenges will often include supporting top management with collective consultation and bargaining arrangements. Throughout the entire people agenda lies a diverse regional business with multiple cultures, multiple languages and multiple legal systems - surely challenging enough for any HR professional!

Purchasing and supply chain
Within a complex automotive business the supply chain and the cost of materials remain an essential focus if it is to achieve competitiveness and profitability. This is the domain of our purchasing, supply chain, and logistics specialists. Our purchasing activities involve both production- related and non-production related procurement, supply chain includes supplier development and supply management, and logistics includes warehousing, transportation, packaging and freight management.
Wherever you work in DENSO you will become part of our regional team. In our Corporate Functions this will be either operating at a local unit level or operating as part of our main regional offices in Europe. You will work to the highest professional standards within an environment which provides the chances for you to achieve your potential, through continuous learning and many development opportunities.