Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Spain…DENSO has facilities all around Europe. And, we want to send you there!
The European IGNITE Graduate Program is a two-year trainee program that gives you, as recent graduate, the chance to travel and gain a broad view of DENSO’s business and operations at an early stage in your career. Our program includes multiple assignment opportunities throughout your home country, regionally and internationally.

How It Works
During the two-year program, you’ll experience different teams, cultures and projects, while gaining a strong understanding of our company and global operations. Your assignments will be defined based on your specific field and will aim to broaden your technical competence.
We want you to be immersed in our company culture. To accomplish this, we’ll send you on a three-month assignment at our headquarters in Japan. There, you’ll get the chance to experience our company’s origins first-hand while creating a personal network with colleagues in Japan, who you’ll continue to work with in your future career with our organization.

Where to apply
We are currently recruiting for our European IGNITE Program staring October 2018. To find out more and apply online, please click on the link below.