Our People

It takes people to conceive innovative ideas and products. So it's people that DENSO puts first in all of its management policies.

// Bringing fresh perspectives to the table
DENSO Associates come from a variety of backgrounds and we view this diversity as one of our strengths. That's why we provide opportunities for Associates to exchange ideas, through a variety of activities such as our annual global leadership conference, expatriate experiences or our annual quality circle competitions.

// Our time-honoured DENSO Spirit
DENSO’s values and principles are known as the DENSO Spirit. Cultivated for 65 years, DENSO Spirit is a common bond that brings together our more than 150,000 Associates around the world. Driven by these values, every one of us strives to provide the best possible products and services in all areas of the business.

// An environment that nurtures growth
DENSO believes that people come first, and "monozukuri wa hitozukuri” - the art of making good things is through making good people. Our corporate culture promotes the professional growth of
Associates, provides extensive training programs and offers a rewarding working environment with stable long-term employment.

Craft your career with a global leader.

No matter your role in a career at DENSO, you’ll share the excitement and pride of working for a global leader known for the highest quality standards, continuing innovation, stability, growth, safety and environmental stewardship, as well as great careers for top professionals.

Areas of your future career as professional at DENSO include:

Corporate Functions
Research and Development