Who we are?

You probably rely on DENSO’s products every day of your life without even realising it.

In Europe we have more than 16,000 Associates working together to design, produce, and supply the highest quality automotive components and systems for all of the major global car manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Our products aim to make cars feel more comfortable and responsive, to interact with the outside world and to reduce the car’s fuel consumption. To do that, our wide product range includes climate control, powertrain control, infotainment, telematics and safety systems as well as electrical and electronic components.

We are constantly looking at ways to make a car more efficient and economical, comfortable to drive, safe, convenient and connected to the outside world.

For example, diesel systems for cars and trucks have existed for many years, but we worked to improve them by developing higher pressure systems, leading to greatly improved fuel efficiency. Our system was the first in the world to reach 1800 Bar consistently. But we’re not satisfied with that! We’re now looking at the injector technology to gain even more efficiency.

As another example, we improved the compressor for the air conditioner in the car, by developing the world’s first electric version. This ensures that while the car engine is off, such as happens in hybrid and stop-start technologies, the car’s air conditioning system can continue to operate thus keeping the internal environment comfortable while also reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

We’re developing new ways for people to communicate with their car through voice activated infotainment control. We’re helping the car to interact with its environment by developing active safety systems to prevent accidents from occurring and we’re minimising the impact on the environment through hybrid technology.

All these developments support our company mission which is to ‘contribute to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future’.


// Not just automotive parts

DENSO’s expertise doesn’t stop with automotive parts. We pride ourselves on making things better, so we’re rightly proud of our world-class manufacturing facilities. We have also developed small assembly robots and over 60,000 robots are in operation!

Another DENSO innovation is the two dimensional Quick Response (QR) Code, that we originally developed to manage our automotive component inventories. We developed a QR code reader for the iPhone, helping to diffuse this technology throughout society.


// DENSO in Europe

The principles of problem solving, kaizen (continuous improvement), teamwork, and a focus on excellence are great tools for our Associates. They were part of our Japanese origin and are applied throughout our global organisation. Here in Europe, we aim to combine the best of our different cultures and harness our talent, irrespective of nationality. We strive to provide equality of opportunity for all.